Every year, Sweden’s best trotters take up the challenge in Europe’s major harness race here in Paris. But since the Prix d’Amérique’s first running in 1920, only 6 have succeeded in their quest. This year is perhaps their best chance since Maharajah scored in 2014.

While trotters of the likes of Timoko have captured Sweden’s Elitloppet, not may Swedish trotters have scored in France’s biggest harness race. In the last 10 years, Stefan Hultman’s Maharajah is the only Scandinavian-trained trotter to have done so.

The profile of this year’s field varies. Three are trained in Sweden, and on paper have very sound claims. Lionel is competing for the third year running in Paris and was 3rd last year. Daniel Reden’s second of three runners Propulsion was 4th in 2017, and will be aided by legendary Swede Örjan Kihlström in the bike. As for awesome Readly Express, his form figures speak for themselves: 20 wins, and 100% on the podium throughout his career! Trained by Timo Nurmos, the champ will have top-class Swedish driver Björn Goop at the helm (a reminder the pilot has already lifted two Elitloppets with unforgettable Timoko). And just like his French counterparts Bold Eagle, Bird Parker and Charly du Noyer, Readly Express is a son of leading stallion and dual Amérique winner Ready Cash