40 000 people are awaited Sunday January 27th at Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris

This is the event that all Trot fans are waiting for every year. The Grand Prix d’Amérique 2019 is ​​held Sunday at Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris. Here are the 18 players who will fight for victory.

They participated in the 2018 edition
They are 10 to have participated in the previous edition of the Grand Prix d’Amérique and the first four are found even for a return match. Readly Express and Bold Eagle were separated from the minimum, Propulsion (3rd) comes with a freshness and Belina Josselyn (4th) is perhaps stronger than ever!

Readly Express: Convincing 2nd of the 2018 Grand Prix de Bourgogne, he has just finished 5th in the Grand Prix de Belgique, finishing well outside. Title holder.

Bold Eagle: Double winner of the race. Winner of the Grand Prix de Bourgogne and more since seen. He will be presented four-footed for the second time in his career.

Propulsion: Its year 2018 in Scandinavia was huge. As discreet this winter as his coach had been noticed the previous years. He wants to blur the tracks and can make strong.

Belina Josselyn: Laureate of the Grand Prix de France 2018, she left a most favorable impression in the Grand Prix de Belgique despite her disqualification (for inconvenience) after investigation.

Bird Parker: The regularity foolproof. Winner for the second consecutive year of the Grand Prix de Belgique, he also finished on the podiums of the Grands Prix de Bretagne and Bourbonnais.

Billie de Montfort: The stainless mare of the international peloton. Winner at 2 years of Group I Criterium des Jeunes, she still evolves at the top.

Valko Jenilat: 3rd of the five residents of Sébastien Guarato. Winner of the Grand Prix de Bretagne 2017 and 9th of the race last year.

Carat Williams: Winner of the Critérium des 5 ans last year. 3rd of the recent Grand Prix de Belgique.

Charly du Noyer: Triple Group I winner, disqualified last year.

Lionel: Like Propulsion, he was discreet (even absent) on the French scene during the springboard races to the Grand Prix d’Amérique. 4th participation. 3rd in 2017.

The qualifiers in the race
Looking Superb: This is the surprise guest of the 2019 edition. Only 139,122 € of earnings. Qualified thanks to his success in the Tenor Prize of Baune.

Bahia Quesnot: 2nd of the Belgian Grand Prix and therefore qualified, she surprised everyone. His new coach, Junior Guelpa, even said: “A month ago, I never thought I would run America.”

Eridan: Winner of the Critérium Continental, he represents the youth of his 5 years. Fifth representative of coach Sébastien Guarato.

Delia du Pommereux: Won two qualifying tickets by finishing 2nd in the Grand Prix of Brittany and winning the Grand Prix du Bourbonnais.

Davidson du Pont: Winner of the Critérium des 5 ans (his 3rd Group I) 2018 and during the winter of the Grand Prix de Bretagne. 3rd asset (with Looking Superb and Belina Josselyn) of the training of Jean-Michel Bazire.

Uza Josselyn: Endowed with an unusual base speed. First participation at the Grand Prix d’Amérique. Triple winner in 2018 on shorter distance.

Qualified thanks to earnings
Urlo Dei Venti: Only Italian trotter in the running this year. Winner of the Prix du Luxembourg at Vincennes last year. No reference on 2,700 meters.

Traders: Winner of the Prix de Cornulier in 2018 and 2nd of the 2019 edition last week. Record horse of the 2,700 meter course: kilometric reduction of 1’10”8.

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