Bird Parker won Grand Prix de Belgique last year

Sixth and last qualifying event at the Grand Prix d’Amérique, the Grand Prix de Belgiquex, which will take place Sunday, January 13 at Vincennes Hippodrome in Paris,stops a rise in power for the most prestigious appointment of the year . At the end of this race, the countdown will be definitively launched.

With 15 days to go, this is another opportunity to show his ambitions. And it is especially the ultimate opportunity to get the right to participate in the Grand Prix d’Amérique of 27 January. The top three of the Grand Prix de Belgique will be qualified. As Bird Parker did last year, it was the luxury of beating for the second time in the same winter the reference of the French trot Bold Eagle. And Bird Parker will try to enter a very closed circle of dubbed authors in this Grand Prix de Belgique. Before him, Yarrah Boko did it in 2013 and 2014, and Sweden’s Queen L also won the Grand Prix d’Amérique. As the absolute legend Ourasi who holds him the record of the number of victories in this last stage before America with four consecutive victories: from 1986 to 1989. It was thus for him a perfect springboard towards the Grand Prix d’Amérique but as often in the history of the French trot, it is the exception that confirms the rule. Since then, they are very rare to have signed the doubled, three exactly: Tenor de Baune (1991), Queen L (1993) and Bold Eagle (2016).

Some key figures of the Grand Prix de Belgique :
3: The Grand Prix de Belgique distributes the last three qualifying tickets for the Grand Prix d’Amérique to the first three of the race.
3: Among the active drivers, Pierre Vercruysse is the record holder of victories in the Prix de Belgique (3): Echo in 1998 and Yarrah Boko 2013 and 2014.
11: The last 11 editions of the Grand Prix de Belgique have returned to males.
1’13 ”: The record kilometer reduction of the race held by Maharajah, winner of the event in 2011. Records are rarely held so long.
2850: in meters, the distance to be covered.