The start of the Grand Prix de Bourgogne will be given by the autostart

Fifth qualifying event at the Grand Prix d’Amérique, the Grand Prix de Bourgogne (Sunday at Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris) has historically always been considered a major test for the D-Day. Here’s why.

This is the developer for the Grand Prix d’Amérique. The distance may be totally different, 2,100 meters against 2,700 start volt, the ultimate ambition may be within a month, the chances of each may be quite dependent on the draw for the places behind the autostart, the Grand Prix de Bourgogne always says a lot about the level of competitiveness of the different actors of the future Prix d’Amérique. The previous edition (review the race here) is a perfect illustration: Propulsion won in front of Bold Eagle. A month later, they went to the podium of the Grand Prix d’Amérique won by Readly Express (announced on Sunday departure) who passed him by the Tenor de Baune. And this result only confirmed a trend observed for many years. Among the authors of the doubled (besides those mentioned below), we can mention Lurabo, King Ourasi, Abo Volo, Moni Maker, Kesaco Phedo or Jag de Bellouet.

The winners of the Grand Prix de Bourgogne in the Grand Prix de America
2018 – Propulsion – 3rd
2017 – Bold Eagle – 1st
2016 – Timoko – 2nd
2015 – Solvato – Not placed
2014 – Texas Charm – Absent
2013 – Ready Cash – 2nd
2012 – Ready Cash – 1st
2011 – Ready Cash – 1st
2010 – Olga du Biwetz – 8th
2009 – Meaulnes du Corta – 1st
Some key figures of the Grand Prix de Bourgogne
2,100: in meters the distance to go
1’10 “: the record kilometric race reduction established by Texas Charm in 2014, averaging 51.4 km / h
3: the number of victories in this Grand Prix de Bourgogne of two horses marking the history of the trot, Ourasi and Ready Cash
3: the number of successes in the race for Franck Nivard and Jean-Michel Bazire (record for active drivers)
3: the number of qualifying tickets distributed to the first 3 of the race

See the starters in the 2018 edition.