Davidson du Pont is easily ahead of Chica de Joudes (red toque) on the rope. Looking Superb narrowly takes third place in front of Tony Gio (number 12)

Pack of 18 competitors, many champions in the running and limpid: the Grand Prix of Brittany 2019 has generated enthusiasm.

The Grand Prix de Bretagne offered a magnificent show to the public at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes on Sunday 17 November. The first qualifying race at the Grand Prix d’Amérique was fiercely contested. Davidson du Pont, already a laureate last year, had a tremendous double. Very sharp, the resident of Jean-Michel Bazire, has surely established himself, associated with Franck Ouvrie. Chica de Joudes, who was competing in her first qualifier at the Grand Prix d’Amérique, took second place, ahead of Looking Superb, the winner’s training companion, who resisted Tony Gio in extremis. Enino du Pommereux was fifth. Davidson du Pont finished fourth in the Grand Prix d’Amérique this year, while Looking Superb was the runner-up to winner Belina Josselyn. They have already posted their ambitions for the summit meeting, scheduled in two months.

Davidson du Pont, Chica de Joudes and Looking Superb have won their tickets for the World Trotting Race, which will celebrate its 100th birthday on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The next qualifying match will be held on Sunday, December 8th. This will be the Prix du Bourbonnais. Watch the race of the Grand Prix de Bretagne 2019 by clicking here.