Four actors of the 2020 Grand Prix d’Amérique facing journalists at this Saturday’s press conference

A few hours before the Grand Prix of America, this Saturday, six protagonists of the test answered to an audience of international journalists during a press conference. With the common denominator the expression of total concentration.

Six professionals with one or more runners, as trainer and / or driver, engaged in the game of questions and answers with the press.

With four participants, Sébastien Guarato (Face Time Bourbon, Billie de Montfort, Bold Eagle and Valko Jénilat) will be the most represented coach
Face Time Bourbon did not run against its elders before the Grand Prix d’Amérique because it needs freshness. At his age, Bold Eagle was more robust and had therefore already been tested in the Grand Prix de Belgique he had won. ”

“We count on it with Bold Eagle. Last time, he was a heavy train and Eric Raffin threw him from too far. It is not “cooked”, it has beautiful leftovers. We start for a fourth or fifth place but, with a good course, he can do better. ”

“With Billie de Montfort, we did everything backwards. The mare should have been tired after the European Tour in the fall and, in fact, has never looked better. ”

Valko Jénilat was to run the Grand Prix de Bretagne. Just before, we detected a small lameness and that delayed his preparation. He has worked very well lately and the vets are ok for this Sunday. ”

“Among our opponents, I am particularly afraid of Davidson du Pont who has just made a big impression during his last race. ”

Jean-Michel Bazire (Bélina Josselyn, Looking Superb, Davidson du Pont)
Bélina Josselyn is as good as a year ago. She can reproduce the same performance but, last year, she had a great journey. This is obviously essential for her who does not have too much room. I want to clarify that each of my horses will defend their chances thoroughly. ”

“Franck Ouvrie knows Davidson du Pont by heart. I totally trust them. ”

“The fact that David Thomain doesn’t know too much about Looking Superb doesn’t worry me. This will also oblige the driver to be even more careful at the start. ”

René Aebischer (Uza Josselyn)
“There are seventeen opponents in the American Grand Prix d’Amérique and I fear them all. It’s not a race like any other. It’s the Grand Prix d’Amérique! ”

Junior Guelpa (Bahia Quesnot)
“For me, the two favorites are Davidson du Pont and Face Time Bourbon. The first seems even better than last year, the second is flawless in its promotion. ”

Bahia Quesnot is better than last year. ”

Alexandre Abrivard (Excellent)
“If Excellent reiterates its performance of the Prix Tenor de Baune, it may be enough for it to win. But we only have this one reference race to say that. ”

“I like to have work the morning of the Grand Prix d’Amérique, in the stable, so that I don’t think too much about racing. I don’t think we should just sit back and do nothing. ”

“As Excellent started galloping last time, I will be extra vigilant on Sunday. ”

Björn Goop (Face Time Bourbon)
“The mystique of the Grand Prix d’Amérique makes it difficult to predict a scenario. Face Time Bourbon can do everything in the race. I would prefer some backs during the race, good backs. But this is my secret. ”

Face Time Bourbon has all the qualities to be a Prix d’Amérique winner. ”

Guillaume Maupas (technical director of LeTROT)
“The pre-race briefing with the drivers is very important. It’s a special time for everyone. We are reminded of the challenge of the race: it is, for many, the most beautiful race in the world. They are told that you do not want a default winner, that it must be the best who wins. ”

The post Grand Prix d’Amérique press conference will be live tomorrow Sunday live on LeTROT’s Facebook page from 6:05 p.m.