Last year, Davidson du Pont had won in front of Delia du Pommereux. This duo will be at the start of the 2019 edition of the Grand Prix de Bretagne.

The Grand Prix de Bretagne, the first of six qualifying races at the Grand Prix d’Amérique, will top the bill Sunday, November 17 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. The first three of this Group II will automatically get their sesame to compete in the Trotter World Championship, which will celebrate its 100th birthday on Sunday, January 26, 2020. This challenge at the summit promises a bitter fight and a thrilling suspense.

This edition of the Grand Prix de Bretagne combines two essential ingredients to provide a splendid show: high quality of the forces involved and platoon provided with 18 starters. Belina Josselyn, laureate of the last Grand Prix d’Amérique, will be in the running, as her runner-up, Looking Superb, and Davidson du Pont, fourth on January 27, 2019 and holding the title of the Grand Prix de Bretagne. The very high level of this competition is summarized in one figure: 11. It is the amount of the protagonists who have won at least one Group I. They are called Eugenito du Noyer, Feliciano, Looking Superb, Enino du Pommereux, Who’s Who, Davidson du Pont, Draft Life, Django Riff, Traders, Bilibili and Belina Josselyn. The best-represented coaches are Philippe Allaire and Jean-Michel Bazire with three horses each. Who’s Who, coached in Sweden by Pasi Aikio, ensures the international character of the race. Consult the starters of the Grand Prix de Bretagne 2019 by clicking here.

The next stop on the road to the Grand Prix d’Amérique will take place Sunday, December 8 with the Grand Prix du Bourbonnais.