40 000 are expected at Paris-Vincennes on Sunday

100 years after its first edition, the 2020 American Grand Prix will take place on Sunday in front of tens of thousands of spectators. Here is the list of eighteen candidates: they will line up at the start around 4:10 p.m.

They shone in the 2019 edition
The magical trio of Jean-Michel Bazire Belina Josselyn, Looking Superb and Davidson du Pont, respectively 1st, 2nd and 4th of the 2019 edition (review the race) are again in the running this year. The ambitions are the same but the distribution of forces is quite different, in particular by the rise in power of Davidson du Pont, qualified from the first race of winter and superb finisher in the recent Grand Prix de Belgique.

To do better than last year
Bold Eagle and Propulsion had to be content with small places in 2019 but are at the head of exceptional prize lists which give them again this year a leading role in the context of the race. Bold Eagle will participate in his fifth Grand Prix d’Amérique, a race which he has twice pinned down: in 2017 and 2018. He is the most active French trotter and can even pass Timoko to this classification in case of good weather. performance Sunday. Eric Raffin, Gold Sulky in 2019, will be associated with him: together they have two successes in four joint attempts. Twelve months ago, Bold Eagle finished 6th just behind the Swedish Propulsion, which will race the Grand Prix d’Amérique for the fourth time. He never won it but was there. In Scandinavia, it is the absolute benchmark in age horses and even more since the retirement of Readly Express. His bank account proves it: with more than 3 million euros in earnings, he is the second richest horse at the start.

Three mares have shone in Europe in recent months and will also try to do better than in 2019. Uza Josselyn (7th) was crowned European Champion of Mares last summer (see article), Billie de Montfort (No Placed) won the European Tour of the French Trotter and Bahia Quesnot (Not Placed) lived an incredible 2019 season all over the planet-races (see article). Add to this beautiful skewer of champions, Délia du Pommereux (Disqualified) who arrives in much better shape than last year and pleased observers in the Grand Prix de Belgique. Finally, Valko Jenilat (Not Placed) will be the dean of the race from the age of 11, the maximum age newly authorized to participate in the race. We remember his prestigious success this summer at La Capelle (review the race).

Qualified newcomers
If all the aforementioned trotters can count on their experience to achieve the best possible performance, it will however be a great first for those featured in this chapter. Another common point: they and she all won their place by qualifying in one of the qualifying races. First of all, the very popular Chica de Joudes, who won her ticket at the British Grand Prix de Bretagne. Vivid Wise As achieved its goals in the Grand Prix de Bourgogne while Enino du Pommereux had to wait for the Grand Prix de Belgique (2nd) to secure his place on the starting grid. In the Prix Tenor de Baune and Critérium Continental, there was only one qualifying ticket, so you shouldn’t miss it. The displays of strength and speed of Excellent and Face Time Bourbon convinced their supporters and perhaps even converted some of them.

The foreign coalition
Three trotters from Europe complete this peloton of eighteen units: the Swedish Milligan’s School presented by Stefan Melander, the Italian Vitruvio and Ringostarr Treb, winner in 2018 of the Elitloppet and 7th in the 2018 edition of the Grand Prix d’Amérique.

See the starters here.