SOS Autisme France, chaired by Olivia Cattan, will be highlighted on the occasion of the Grand Prix d’Amérique and will benefit from patronage. As part of this operation, the recipe entries Sunday, January 27, 2019 at Vincennes Hippodrome of Paris and the profits related to the sale of the T-shirt collector will be donated to the association.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects 1 in 100 children and 600,000 people in France. In order to improve their care and assert their rights, the association SOS Autisme France conducts actions that promote their integration into school, the world of work, sports clubs and cultural centers. Founded in 2014, it relies on a network of volunteers to support 25,000 families today. In addition to its actions to help people with autism to develop their cognitive abilities, the association SOS Autisme France organizes many awareness events that help change the way society looks and fight against discrimination.


Tee-shirt collector by Philippe Geluck

Philippe Geluck, known for his witty Cat, takes values of generosity and sharing very seriously. The Belgian artist drew the Grand Prix d’Amérique 2019 collector’s t-shirt. For the occasion, Le Chat discovers the world of horses accompanied by an autistic child proudly riding on the back of a crack. “In my drawing, the child makes two” V “of the victory. One for the trotter, the other for patronage. Cat and horse are made for each other! ”

Selling price (male and female model): 15 €

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