Princess margot

Founded in 2012 by Muriel Hattab, the association PRINCESS MARGOT leads actions in order to improve the daily life of children and teenagers suffering from cancer. Its goal is to improve the well being of the ill children and their families, to fund the projects of partners’ hopitals, to contribute in the research of pediatric oncology and to sensitize young people not only about the disease but also about the values of solidarity, bravery and mutual support.

On a daily basis, the association organizes actions with its volonteers to bring joy and relief to the children and their families. These actions, that can be either creative workshops or themed meals, take place in the hopitals as well as in the « Princesse Margot » House founded in 2013 and located in Vincennes.

Princesse Margot also contributes to the hospital room’s renewal and decoration but also puts all its efforts in making the dreams of the children and teenagers come true.


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In the context of philanthropy for the « Grand Prix d’Amérique », the association Princesse Margot will receive all the earning from the sell of the collector tee-shirt as well as the earnings of all of the ticket sales at the Vincennes hippodrome on Sunday 28th of January 2018.

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